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Overview of radar thunder/radar winter       Demo Zoom PC

The weather radar image with display of rain, snowfall and lightning!
Click on the map to see the zoomloops (subscription required).

Radar forecast 10 min Thunder radar Weather Webcams
aktueller Radarloop Loop_00 Loop_10 Loop_20 Loop_30 Loop_40 Loop_50 Loop_60 Loop_70 Loop_80 Loop_90 Loop_100 Loop_110 Loop_01 Loop_11 Loop_21 Loop_31 Loop_41 Loop_51 Loop_61 Loop_71 Loop_81 Loop_91 Loop_101 Loop_111 Loop_02 Loop_12 Loop_22 Loop_32 Loop_42 Loop_52 Loop_62 Loop_72 Loop_82 Loop_92 Loop_102 Loop_112 Loop_03 Loop_13 Loop_23 Loop_33 Loop_43 Loop_53 Loop_63 Loop_73 Loop_83 Loop_93 Loop_103 Loop_113 Loop_04 Loop_14 Loop_24 Loop_34 Loop_44 Loop_54 Loop_64 Loop_74 Loop_84 Loop_94 Loop_104 Loop_114 Loop_05 Loop_15 Loop_25 Loop_35 Loop_45 Loop_55 Loop_65 Loop_75 Loop_85 Loop_95 Loop_105 Loop_115 Loop_06 Loop_16 Loop_26 Loop_36 Loop_46 Loop_56 Loop_66 Loop_76 Loop_86 Loop_96 Loop_106 Loop_116 Loop_07 Loop_17 Loop_27 Loop_37 Loop_47 Loop_57 Loop_67 Loop_77 Loop_87 Loop_97 Loop_107 Loop_117 Loop_08 Loop_18 Loop_28 Loop_38 Loop_48 Loop_58 Loop_68 Loop_78 Loop_88 Loop_98 Loop_108 Loop_118 Loop_09 Loop_19 Loop_29 Loop_39 Loop_49 Loop_59 Loop_69 Loop_79 Loop_89 Loop_99 Loop_109 Loop_119 Loop_010 Loop_110 Loop_210 Loop_310 Loop_410 Loop_510 Loop_610 Loop_710 Loop_810 Loop_910 Loop_1010 Loop_1110 Loop_011 Loop_111 Loop_211 Loop_311 Loop_411 Loop_511 Loop_611 Loop_711 Loop_811 Loop_911 Loop_1011 Loop_1111

Wetterbericht Deutsche Schweiz
In den Alpen ganztags sonnig. Über der Alpennordseite Hochnebel, der sich am Nachmittag mit dem Aufzug hoher Wolken aus Nordwesten auflöst.
Mehr...    Hilfe fm 18.02.18 22:05h  
meteoradar            mehr...
Albis-Radar zur Zeit unstabil
ws 17.02.18 07:25h

Clients with a valid combined subscription Zoom+3D have access to the radar image on a fully redundant second server.


  Weak rain   Weak snowfall
  Moderate rain   Moderate snowfall
undefined precipitation*, weak   Cloud lightning
undefined precipitation*, moderate   Ground lightning
  Heavy precipitation (rain or snowfall).   Weak sleekness
  Extreme precipitation (mostly hail)   Moderate sleekness

* This option is also valid when the discrimination between rain and snowfall is not possible.