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Radar Winter - Rain, Snow and freezing rain

Version 2011.1

The winter radar is nothing more than the thunder radar in the winter. In addition to the risks in summer like lightning, hail and heavy rain, winter risks are also shown like: Snowfall, rain and icing sleekness on rain-soaked streets.

The basic service is free for anyone to use. The subscription for the extended services is available for a small fee.

Manual thunder radar | Blog radar thunder | Flyer winter radar (pdf, in german)

Basic service thunder radar (free of charge)

The thunder radar features an overview radar loop during the last half hour of Switzerland and neighboring foreign countries. The coloring of the radar echoes distinguishes between rain, snow and freezing rain.

Two versions of the radar image are available: A version for viewing on a computer and a scaled down version designed for mobile phones.

Free radar image for PC | Radar image for mobile phones

Extended service radar thunder (paid subscriptions)

Winterradar Zoom

The thunder Radar Zoom provides an enlarged image with detailed zoom. The relief map and display of the main towns simplify finding the exact precipitation. In another graph, the regionally averaged vertical profile of temperature and humidity will be displayed. The snow line can be seen in this chart, in addition to the special coloring on the radar screen.

The winter radar zoom can be tested free of charge for 14 days after registering. You enter into no commitment with the registration. If you like the service you can subscribe for the thunder radar zoom at any time. Register for free now.

There also exists a version for the PC and one for the mobile phone. The mobile version displays no relief in favor of a shorter loading time.

Demo zoom PC | Demo zoom mobile

Radar Winter Eisglätte Radar Winter Temperaturprofil

Left: Zoom image of winter radar. Dark blue / green / yellow / red show rain varying intesity, red often also shows hail. Light blue / azure show snowfall with weak / moderate intensity. Horizontal stripes with alternating colors show regions with indeterminate rainfall, eg rain / snow mixture.
Middle: Additional display of sleekness with flashing brown.
Right: Regional averaged temperature profiles for air and soil temperature, dew point, and the presumed variability of the snow line. In this graph the temperature inversion, which leads to freezing rain can be clearly seen.